Studies have shown that more than 70 percent of potential customers across the world use search engines to look for business products and services. The question everyone should be asking themselves is, how can I make sure my business site comes up at the top of search results. You’ll agree to the fact that the rules for effective SEO seem to have evolved and have become more complex. That explains why marketing experts must refine their SEO strategies and processes as time passes.

Google is changing its search algorithms hundreds of times every year. Algorithm updates such as Google Penguin and Google Panda can have an impact on search results in significant ways and it’s important to implement each of these updates to make sure your business stays at the top of search results this year. There are different ways to ensure you get on the first page of Google.

Make sure you can discover with Local Keywords

Probably you’re wondering how you can find the best keywords for your company. Don’t worry since most people are always asking how keywords work and how their businesses can get returns from local SEO. As you start your SEO campaign in 2017, find the targeted keywords that your prospects will be using to find your business online, or engage a reputable company to help you with SEO like SEO Brisbane.

Note that SEO takes time and involves effort meaning you’re not going to wake up tomorrow and find yourself ranking #1 on Google. Your main focus should be targeting traffic within the local area tied to your business address. Target competitive areas only after setting out and achieving basic SEO goals.

Cleaning up of your Location Data

Did you know that off-site location signals have a significant impact on your search engine rankings? Google is one of the search engines that determine the legitimacy of your company or business and its local ranking based on offsite signals. It’s, therefore, important to provide correct details about your Name, contact details, and Address. Make sure you’re verified on Google Maps and don’t forget to request your current clients for reviews on Google Maps Listing.

Intentional Website Structure

Your top priority should be to ensure your users are served well and they can find what they need in the quickest way possible. Provide essential pages such as a sitemap, Privacy Policy, Contact Page, About Us, and Cornerstone Content.

Prioritize User Experience

As indicated earlier, your top priority should be to ensure people can find the information they need as fast as possible. User experience will certainly impact your site-wide SEO and website structure. Make sure you’re providing high-quality, original content and your website is easy to navigate. Consider using breadcrumbs as well to help in informing users where they are on your site and how they can get back. A search box will also help improve user experience.

Optimize your website for Mobile Devices

You’ll agree to the fact that mobile search has become a dramatic part of online search especially with the increasing number of people using smartphones. You don’t need any more convincing when it comes to optimizing your website for mobile. Otherwise you could be missing out on many opportunities and losing your customers to your competition.

The bottom line is that it’s important to invest in a good SEO strategy since it will improve your rankings on search engines and also benefit the usability of your business site. It doesn’t stop at getting traffic to your site. You should be able to monetize the traffic effectively.


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