Most people still can’t understand what SEO or search engine optimization means yet they want to have their websites ranked on the first page on search engines. There are things people think are helpful as far as search engine optimization is concerned, but in reality they never provide them with the needed targeted traffic. Here are five of the most common myths about SEO.

SEO Myth #1: You need to submit your site to search engines

What people don’t understand is that submitting their website to search engines such as Google so as to appear in search results won’t just work. It’s not necessary to submit your business site, whether new or old. Search engines can find you and index your business site.

SEO Myth #2: SEO is a Scam and it doesn’t work

First of all, you must understand that Search Engine Optimization takes time and involves real effort and commitment which ends up paying additional rewards apart from increasing traffic. Remember not to give in to some less-than-ethical marketing vendor who comes to you with a promise of providing SEO services but doesn’t deliver anything.

Do you know that search is one of the topmost internet activities in the United States? The fact that more than 50 percent of people use search engines to search for products and services means you need to invest in SEO. SEO is one of the tools that will impact your lead generation goals.

SEO Myth #3: SEO is expensive and I don’t need it

The tasks involved in search engine optimization includes conducting research in your market and sales trends; researching on your competition, bringing relevant traffic using keyword terms, website optimization, building links, and monitoring and analyzing results. Every SEO strategy utilizes each of these tasks and it takes time and consistent effort.

As you hire an SEO professional to handle these tasks, remember it’s going to bring results long after everything has been done. It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing business the traditional way, it’s important to promote your business online. Otherwise, you’re missing out on many opportunities of growing your business. You’re also losing your customers to your competitors.

SEO Myth #4: I want to rank number one for “magic keyword”

Understand that creating solid content that focuses around topics brings you far more and better traffic from long-tail keyword phrases which you even didn’t consider ranking for. The most important thing is providing content that matches the needs of your users rather than simply matching the right keywords. And that’s how the magic happens.

SEO Myth #5: SEO is always changing, in fact, it changes too quickly

Despite the fact that search engines such as Google are always changing their algorithms, understand that most of the changes don’t affect the rankings of your site. As a matter of fact, you might not even notice most of the changes and updates made.

Although some of the changes can have an effect on your site, an SEO expert can help you avoid being penalized. That explains why you need to hire the best SEO professional who will deliver quality work that overcomes any updates or changes in algorithms.


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